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American Legacy Partners

Here to help you with all your financial needs.

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Welcome to American Legacy Partners
An Experienced Team of
Financial Professionals

Our commitment is to help you achieve your long-range financial goals and dreams.  Our purpose is to educate you so that your financial plan becomes your plan, not ours.

We use a step by step process to lead you through the maze of retirement planning.  We believe that every investment and product you choose should be suitable and applicable to your needs and desires.

We specialize in Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance and Long Term Care Planning.

Financial Advisor 
Life Insurance 
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About Our Financial Advisory Company

ALP (American Legacy Partners) wants to provide you with financial education and guidance so you can be best prepared for your life and your retirement years.

Our practice is to help you understand the options that are most suitable for you to reach your objectives and priorities.


In our business practices and real life you can see firsthand what ALP is all about.  We invest, protect and manage your hard earned assets with the highest ethics for your retirement and legacy.


Tomorrow has a way of coming way too soon.  We help you envision a personalized plan; a financial plan with strategies and ideas for the imminent tomorrows you will experience in retirement.


Among all virtues, love, respect, trust, kindness and goodness; the people of Japan most strongly adhere to that of respect.  We respect your most desired wishes and dreams.


We want to know first and foremost what you need.  Secondly we want to make sure what investments are suitable for your financial future.  And most important we want to discover what you would really like to do.  We are on your agenda, not ours.

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Financial Programs

Financial Programs

Tomorrow has a way of coming way too fast.  Investing and planning for tomorrow is crucial to make sure you have income for both ‘sunshiny days as well as rainy days.’  This is what my team can help you prepare for through our financial programs.

Life Insurance

There are so many features and factors that are associated with life insurance.  Most people, and rightly so, just think of a death benefit for the family.  However, there are so many more features and benefits that you can’t imagine unless you delve into this incredible program and the insurance policies.

Health Insurance

The licensed health advisors on my team have years of experience.  Not only will you benefit from their commitment to find the best coverage for the least costs, but you have access to the major insurance carriers.

Long Term Care Insurance

I call it Loving Tender Care planning.  LTC (Long Term Care) planning is extremely valuable to your long term financial goals and objectives.  Health care costs for convalescent and assisted living can potentially be financially devastating to an individual and the family.   Obviously, people are living longer.

Wealth Management

Be wealthy

Learn strategies so you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck. Take control of you money so it does not take control of you.

Retirement Planning


Our planning is to help you with your 'cash flow' when you decide to retire or rewire.  We can assist you with your present income plans as well as your future retirement income needs.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

An estate plan gives you a say in how your assets are given to the people or organizations you care about. It arranges your affairs and leaves a written record of your wishes. It indicates how you want your property, belongings, cash, and financial assets distributed.


Business Consulting

We work with small business owners. We can help you with the many facets of your business plans:

  • Business Structure

  • Business Succession

  • Buy/ Sell Agreements

  • Estate Planning

  • Risk Management

Financial and Motivation Seminars


I have conducted seminars for years in churches, colleges, corporations, for private parties, and on cruise liners.  I’m convinced that Americans may get the three R’s in school, but often miss an education on finances and estate planning strategies.


Tax Resolutions and Tax Reduction


We bring an experienced and exceptional team of professionals to help you with your questions and concerns about taxation. For more information on your John Hopkins CPA IRS Tax Resolution Team

 click here.

*DISCLOSURE:  Ronnie Lee Johnson, LUTCF, AIF is not an Attorney or CPA. He is a financial advisor and seminar presenter.  He works with a team of experienced professionals in their respective fields of practice across the nation.

My Story

Ronnie Johnson

At ALP Ronnie Johnson brings together a team of experienced professionals to help you with your estate and financial plans.  He is a former pastor and ordained minister.  Since the mid-seventies Ronnie has helped clients with financial planning.

He is a financial advisor, seminar presenter, published author and artist. 

Drama of the Dawning: Hummmm! Meeting God
Winter Moon

 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of good sound judgement. (2 Timothy 1:7 AVR)

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Is Your House In Order
By: Ronnie Lee Johnson

Is Your House In Order
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