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Is Your House in Order

Dr. Billy Clyde Foote's Commendation on the book:  Is Your House In Order

I am deeply thankful for the following words that have been shared with me.  I am extremely excited and inspired as well; and, of course, to continue to write and share my heart and knowledge with those who read my works.


I recently received the book, “Is Your House In Order”, written by Ronnie Johnson.  To say that I was extremely impressed is an understatement.


Let me get right to the point….If you have been blessed financially…make certain that you are up to date on what you should do to protect your assets.


Be certain that your assets are protected because if they are not, it could cost you dearly.  

Knowing how to deal with the IRS is a critical need that could shock you unbelievably if you have not covered the bases properly.


Ronnie Johnson is up to date on all of this and he has been doing this work for many years.  I’ve been amazed at his detailed knowledge.  


Ronnie and I have been friends since college days and that was a good while back.  

Ronnie has a heart for God and is very genuine in his walk with the Lord.  He definitely cares about you and your needs.


I highly recommend him and his book and you will be amazed at the difference it could make financially for you and your family.




Dr. Billy C. Foote

Leon Shelton's commendation on the book:  Is Your House In Order 


Just now and then a beautiful compliment comes our way that brings a humbling effect upon us we can’t even begin to explain.  But the beautiful compliment we tuck away and feed on it for weeks upon end.  This is one of those beautiful compliments I want to share with you from a friend I have known for 70 years.  I feel that I am the winner by having known Leon Shelton over my lifetime.


For many years my mother-in-law taught math in high school.  She had her masters in math.  In addition to teaching algebra, geometry, and other advanced mathematical disciplines, she always taught her students some very practical uses of math, such as:  how to set up a budget, how to balance your checking account, how to apply for a loan, etc.  These were very useful tools her students applied throughout their lives.

As I read Ron Johnson’s book IS YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, it dawned on me that I had never been taught many of the financial principles and guidelines Johnson presents in this wonderful book.

It is my firm conviction that this book should be mandatory reading for every high school student in America before graduation.  Or it should be a mandatory part of the curriculum taught in high school.  With the understanding and knowledge that comes from reading this book, students (and adults) can obtain the wisdom needed to prepare for their future and financial security.

Today’s path through life is filled with pitfalls and scams, as well as people and organizations who are experts in taking our hard earned resources.  A book like IS YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, is filled with expert information on how to guard against such things, and it is written in practical everyday language that is accessible to all.

I strongly suggest to all school boards and administrators that you read this resourceful book and see if you agree that this book should be a vital part of the preparatory conditioning for your students.  You might learn something very important to apply in your own life, just as I did.

Thanks for your consideration of this recommendation!

Leon Shelton

Prescott, AZ

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