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Ronnie Lee Johnson

Night Falls


Sea oats and wild yellow flowers

A crescent moon shines upon the hilly dunes

As star’s ostentatiously come out

And night falls as darkness blooms


The air is gently cooling

As another day comes to an end

I sit in wonder before the vast canopy of sky diamonds 

Along this portentous coastal bend

ocean at night

Quite Sea

Wooden Posts

QUIET SEA(c) 2022


Sometimes the sea will become calm

A quiet, body of water seemingly talking to  

you and me

So far removed from those angry vicious waves

That spell danger upon the noisy sea


When I see the sea listlessly lying there

I am always taken by it’s less baleful pulse

Just resting as though it was a beach itself 

Awaiting a neat surprise for all of us

Beach Fench

White Clouds 

I crashed that day

As I raced to the sandy beach

I was ready to squeeze my toes into the sand

I grabbed hold of this coastal Mecca like a leech 


The sun was a bit clouded

By those fluffy cumulous guests I saw

But the surfs were steady one by one

Bathing the beach with each roaring paw


Those waves roll on

Singing their incessant song

No tide is ever the same 

With this unruly sea’s changing tone

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