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ATTITUDE(c) 2023

Ronnie Lee Johnson

No word in this universe seems to be more needed or more important today than that powerful and profound word, ‘attitude.’

Here is a perfect example. He is a small man in stature. He cannot walk. He is confined to a wheelchair. Has to wear special eye glasses to see. He is ill. He is on dialysis. He is poor. He is on Medicaid. He cannot drive. He has no property. No stocks or bonds or fancy adult toys. He is virtually broke when it comes to any material assets.

However, every time I have met this man he is a big bundle of enthusiasm and positivity like I have never witnessed before. He has lifted my spirits on many occasions.

He perfectly fit’s the philosophy Dr. Norman Vincent Peale describes. I heard Dr. Peale say once, “You can believe yourself to achievement.”

This small man doesn’t seem to know what being in a blue mood is all about. Never! Let me describe him in this manner as well, a big word I rarely use; there is not a pusillanimous bone in him. Without overstating he is merry as can be and always has an exuberant inflection in his voice. Surreal.

No matter how dreary the weather, how long he has to wait on his caregivers or how bad this man feels, his world is continually filled with gratitude and the right attitude.

In Estate and Retirement Planning when all is said and done, it’s attitude that makes all the difference. It doesn’t take long to ‘read the room’ when I meet with clients; I can readily see if they are serious about long range financial planning.

My team and I can prescribe a financial plan all day long, but without a positive attitude, we get little accomplished.

Remember Zig Ziglar was famous for saying, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Attitude. How we think, we swim, or sink. How’s your swim going?

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