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Family Matters in Estate Planning

After many years of estate planning I have seen just about every kind of family conflict you could possibly imagine. I must say, heavy-heartedly, I have had to actually pull people apart in my conference room over ’stuff’—you know money and assets.

Strangely enough the most fighting and fussing and feuding has to do with emotions, not money. It unfortunately is like a broken record, perfectly happy sibling relationships are literally destroyed over settling their parents’ estate. In some instances when the business owner dies, the business dies, too.

However, when an estate plan is in place, and a family is guided properly it makes all the difference in the world. There doesn’t have to be a breakdown of any future communications with family members. I must say that a house without a plan, is a house built upon sand.

As I have written in my book, you can get your house in order. You can work out the kinks. It is not always easy to establish an estate plan. You have to make very tough, decisive and definitive decisions while you are well and of a sound mind. But in the end it will be worth your time, money and energy.

Family matters. You and I can’t replace people. A car, boat, tractor, house or office building can be replaced, but not people—never.

American Legacy Partners, LLC.


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