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Recently I was in colorful Colorado. As I went walking with my best friend in the world, her daughter and grandson we came upon this striking, brilliant flower scene.

As I beheld these beautiful little flowers I realized that a frigid storm with sub zero temps had just occurred days earlier in Denver. In fact, this Mile High City had the coldest March 10 in 90 years with 7 degrees below zero and a wind chill factor of 26 degrees.

Hard to believe these little flowers were smiling after the storm and bitter cold. Resilience. Determination. Recoil. Guts.

Let’s face it, we can encounter all sorts of storms: marital, spiritual, economical, mental, emotional, physical, financial and environmental.

You, too however, can smile after the storm. It’s all about attitude. The same is true in financial planning. Whatever financial difficulties you face you can still smile after the storm.

The best plan is an attitude plan. Resilience. Determination. Recoil. And guts.

This is why I conduct financial seminars….so people can ‘smile’ after the storm.

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