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Ronnie Johnson proudly says, “When I look in the mirror I realize this is what I do, I actually sell life insurance.”

One, I’ve seen firsthand how valuable life Insurance is—I’ve delivered the proceeds

Two, families can be torn apart when a parent(s) dies young; especially when no Life Insurance is in place

Three, Life Insurance actually saves families’ lives

Four, Life Insurance helps a family stay together when death occurs: stay in the same home, community and children can continue their education at the same school with the same friends they have

Five, I’ve seen firsthand what Life Insurance provided for my own family when my wife died recently, when we lost my parents and her parents—I had Life Insurance on each of them.

Six, Life Insurance is a gift of love

Seven, Big question, “Do you Life Insurance?”


Life insurance companies have ratings before offering you life insurance coverage. The basic questions you will be asked are: desired insurance coverage, age, medical history, driving record, medications/prescriptions, family health history, dangerous occupations, hobbies, job, and history with tobacco use, drugs and alcohol. The answers you provide on your application are verified during a phone interview from the insurance company.

Life Insurance companies make the ‘offer,’ and you and me provide the ‘acceptance’…..or rejection.



• How much life insurance coverage do you need, and actually want?

• What is ‘suitable’ for you?

• Choose a trusted, experienced insurance representative or agent to work with you

• Decide upon a life insurance company you are comfortable with and ha is ve confidence in

• Be sure you are understanding the financial proposal and future obligation to pay for your life insurance coverage

• Of course, apply for the coverage

• Expect a phone interview with the life insurance carrier

• Scheduled a physical exam with the life insurance company’s paramed service

• Wait for the approval


To secure life insurance, it is a ‘process.’ Many life insurance agents and agencies will give you all kinds of quotes. However, quotes are meaningless:

1. If you are not insurable

2. You do not know your true ‘rating’

3. Or, if the life insurance you purchase will not be the proper coverage you need for personal or business matters.


These are the steps you take to get Life Insurance:

1. Fill out an application

2. Take a physical exam (paramed) at the expense of the company

3. Wait for the results

4. Pray that you are approved

5. Policy is delivered upon approval

6. Start paying the premiums

7. You’re life is insured for the amount of coverage you applied for

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