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A friend I have loves to watch the cooking shows on TV. He, of course, learns from famous chefs their recipes and special ingredients. Then he uses their neat ideas in the kitchen himself.

Ingredients. That’s what is crucial for an effective and efficient recipe in financial planning. The goals and objectives you choose, the professionals you surround yourself with and the retirement date you choose becomes some of those invaluable ingredients.

I’m convinced, however, that the most important ingredient of all in your financial plan is your mindset.

Attitude, attitude, attitude. In the financial planning world your attitude means everything; just like any other undertaking. With a positive attitude, making smart decisions and willing to discipline yourself you can establish a financial recipe that ’works’ for you and your family.

The key ingredients are the secret. You leave out one or two and the recipe can be a flop. The same is true with financial planning. A negative attitude can spoil the whole plan.

What are the ingredients in your financial plan? Anything missing? Let me and my team help you.

Ronnie Lee Johnson, LUTCF, AIF® +1 (210)-347-8402 P O Box 181322 10139 Security Dr Corpus Christi, TX 78418

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