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LET’S GO BACK(c) 2023

A number of years ago when I was a pastor my brother-in-law, Barry, and I were attending a conference for ministers. We had been at the conference for a couple of hours. So I suggested we leave early and grab lunch before the restaurants became crowded. About that moment a distinguished pastor stepped before the thousands of attendees and said in a deep voice, “My message to all of you this morning is entitled, ‘Let’s Go Back.’” Barry turned to me with a determined look on his face and said, “Johnson, I’m not gonna miss this one—I feel like it’s meant for you and me.”We stayed in our seats and listened; one of the best decisions of our lives. The glaring principle the pastor presented was as basic as it could be. He graphically pointed out how the Lord said to the apostle Peter to go back where he was fishing all night, and fish again. Although Peter complained he went back and caught a multitude of fish. In your business practice you will discover that it is easy to get sidetracked. When this occurs you get away from what you’re brilliant at and what has been profitable and fun for you. I’m not against new fishing holes, but where you’ve been catching fish for years demands fixation. Real ecstasy comes from the success of your craft. Don’t beat upon yourself. We all are lured away from what we are good at. It’s excessive ambition at times. The temptation and sheer mystery of risking another venture is always going to be staring you in the face. It’s when you find this freedom, the more comfortable and confident space that “Let’s Go Back” makes sense and brings the ecstasy you experienced before. Stay the course. Keep the focus that got you where you are. Try new fishing holes, but keep fishing, believing, working and accomplishing what you know you can achieve. Let’s go back. Kinda simple I know. But, let’s go back and catch that multitude. Same fishing hole. Same bait. Same tackle. Same everything.

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