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My late wife knew I was facing several big decisions. I, of course, had poured my heart out to her.

And then came her most memorable words before she went to heaven, “Ronnie, remember to be level-headed.” She suddenly had that talisman voice of extra encouragement I desperately needed.

Nancy was a quiet person. She rarely talked. But when she did, you listened—I listened. She chose always to be extremely inconspicuous in a crowd. No doubt this is why I carry her admonishment close to my heart to this day, “….be level-headed.”

Whatever burden you’re carrying on your shoulders today, whatever critical and crucial decisions you are facing, just ‘remember to be level-headed.’

The wise king declared, “The simple believes every word: but the prudent person is level-headed in decision-making” (ARV (Author’s Revised Version) Proverbs 14:15).

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