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My American Hero

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

My American Hero(c) 2022

If you travel through Lake Charles, Louisiana you just might find yourself on Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive. The celebrated heart surgeon is a native of this neat town and also a pioneer in life-saving advancements for heart operations.

In fact, In 1932 DeBakey devised the “roller pump,” which was an essential component of the heart-lung machine. This device actually permitted open-heart surgery.

Dr. DeBakey also developed an efficient method of correcting aortic aneurysms by grafting frozen blood vessels to replace diseased vessels.

The citizens of this great country are proud of such distinguished leaders in their respective fields of service and expertise, and rightly so. Thankfully Dr. DeBakey helped save the lives of some of my own family members through the awesome discoveries he made in heart surgery techniques.

He found ecstasy in his industry and dedicated himself to saving human lives until his death at age 99.

Thank God for this outstanding surgeon and truly, an American hero.

Where is your ecstasy?

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