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Who is she really?

She’s pushing the centennial mark at 96

Crowned in 1953

Survived an assassination attempt

Birthplace is now a restaurant

Owns an elephant, a jaguar, two giant turtles, and a pair of sloths

Owned her first home at 6 years of age

Can drive without a license

Purchased her wedding dress with war ration coupons

Served in World War II

Was a pantomime performer

No formal education

She speaks French fluently

Born in her grandparents’ home

Loves to ride horses

She owns lots of racing pigeons

Created gin from the gardens at Buckingham Palace

Communicates to her staff with her purse

Longest reigning monarch in British history

Does not need a passport to travel

Supports over 600 charities

She does not have to pay taxes (yet, she chooses to do so)

Swigs down a glass of champagne every day

Queen Elizabeth lives in a palace that has:

775 rooms

19 State rooms

52 Royal and guest bedrooms

188 staff bedrooms

92 offices

And 78 bathrooms

She is the Queen, indeed.

“I have to be seen to be believed.”

—Queen Elizabeth II

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