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THE STEEPLE (c) 2023

THE STEEPLE (c) 2023 I took a hacksaw and cut the tip of a copper steeple where I once pastored a church. The old 30 foot copper steeple was a creation by my father. His right-hand man, Bill, made all kinds of sheet metal for dad’s company. The sheet metal man always attached (soldered) a penny on opposite sides to every copper steeple he made with the same year the steeple was erected. Below you can see the steeple was made and erected in 1960 according to the Lincoln penny. I have had this small section of the steeple for many years. Nothing obtuse about this 73 year old collector’s coin—I have, however, many precious memories. I also have to wonder, “What else is high and obscured upon a steeple for you and me to see?” Treasures are all around us shining like a moonlit sea.

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