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In a world of so much suspicion, craziness, Woke worries and outlandish political issues we all face today, I can truthfully say that I have ‘loved’ my clients. From hugs to compliments, from congratulations to encouragements I have dedicated my life to helping my clientele.

I have learned the hard way that ‘people act like people’ whatever motivation, desire or action they might take.

I have also learned that it is OK to love clients; to laugh with them, cry with them, plan with them, work with them, dream with them and even say that last goodbye to them when they go to heaven.

I do not feel as a financial planner or advisor that it is a mistake to love your clients. I can’t imagine living my life any other way. Whatever portfolio or assets they accrue or obtain, they are still people. They are people with heartaches, disappointments and a myriad of family conflicts.

Love is very difficult to explain, understand and actually value. But for me as a financial advisor I have chosen to love clients I work with. Actually they become like family.

I am not afraid of love; especially if it is genuine, sincere and uplifting to those I help and guide in their financial and emotional decisions. Love seems to be the ‘key’ in my practice above all other services or plans I provide.

Never be afraid of love-it’s the most important ingredient in taking care of your clients; or for that matter those you cherish most.

American Legacy Partners, LLC.


Ronnie Lee Johnson, LUTCF, AIF®

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